MUT 22 Super Bowl Past missing teams

  • It's no surprise that he's far from the only Rams player being recognized, because Aaron Donald has been named the Sacks Leader with 49.1 Million of sacks from players like Aaron Donald in Madden 22. Madden 22 is constantly bringing new players to MUT 22 and Madden 22 coins the most recent set will be part of the Super Bowl Past set. However, we have a few questions surrounding these new cards.

    One of our top concerns is the teams they did not include on their Super Bowl Past set. In particular, there are some of the NFL's most successful Super Bowl teams. Let's go over these teams and players we would've liked to see in The Madden 22 Super Bowl Past campaign.

    To be fair to the group, Madden 22 did include numerous team names in the MUT 22 Super Bowl Past promotion. Yet, there's some teams we would have loved to see.
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