Recommendations for writing an essay

  • "An essay (from Fr. essai 'attempt, sample, essay,' from Lat. exagium
    "weighing") is a prose essay of small volume and free
    composition, treating a private theme and representing an attempt to convey
    individual impressions and considerations somehow or other connected with it.
    related to it."
    What distinguishes an essay in the discipline of "the fundamentals of philosophy" from an essay in
    A Foundations of Philosophy essay is a creative mini-essay on a specific problem related to one of the basic
    philosophical themes. The student must summarize his or her view of the problem
    and justify it by referring to relevant philosophical terms and
    concepts, theoretical propositions and conclusions, and facts,
    from social or personal experience to gonerdify reviews.
    A successful essay can be written by a student whose knowledge, skills, and abilities
    skills fully meet the requirements for them. He or she
    is capable of applying philosophical knowledge in a new, unfamiliar situation
    has his/her own position on the key problems of the course and is able to
    have his/her own position on the key problems of the course, be able to present and defend it cogently and reasonably, and be able to make
    be able to make a convincing, well-reasoned presentation and demonstration of his/her own views and to formulate coherent, consistent, internally consistent statements.
    expresses his or her own assessment and evaluations in a convincing and substantiated manner, and formulates coherent and consistent statements.

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