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  • As a loyal player of New World, I have been paying more attention to its development process. In April, Amazon tried to boost New World's appeal by offering free weekends. The Desert Across event opened with 60 new servers, and ended up holding just 10 players. So in the end, this good business idea didn't help the new world.

    The release of Lost Ark attracted a large number of MMO players, and the release of Elden Ring also attracted a lot of attention in the video game world. In contrast, New World does not seem to have much advantage in the face of fierce competition. Even players with plenty of spare time often choose Kirby and Forgotten Worlds because of the added advantage of being more time-saving. Insert a sentence here, if players need New World Coins, they can buy New World Coins on NewWorldCoins.

    In fact, New World has had major updates and fixes every month since last November. Among them, the most attractive to players are the new weapons and new dungeons. On March 28 this year, the Hearts of Madness expansion pack has New World players looking forward to it. But even with monthly updates, New World's problems are endless, which is also an important reason for the loss of its users.

    In May, New World will also have new major updates and fixes. I think everyone can still look forward to it. In order to better experience the new version of the new world, I suggest that players can buy enough New World Coins at to be fully prepared for the new challenges. If you don't want to use it in the future, it also supports a refund, which is still very good!

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