The 2K22 city is more populous than ever before.

  • I enjoy the buildout of the city. I feel the new NPC's add some life to what waspreviously an empty space. I'd love to be able be able to swiftly travel to locations that aren't my home at times It's beginning to feel like a really vibrant space. It's something I don't believe I've ever said before.

    The 2K22 city is more populous than ever before... however, it's not always a good thing. It feels like two teams are trying to design an MMO that focuses on basketball. It has quests that are constantly updated scattered throughout the city. You're asked to travel from one location to the next for an appointment.

    It's a waste of time and take away from the most important feature of 2K22's on-court action. I'm not going to be a twitching skater for 45 minutes from my home to the nearest shoe store to make my appearance better. I'll do it in one menu by a single button press so I can go back to my basketball.

    The City upgrade removes what was 2K21's biggest upgrade - the removal of load times. Even on PS5, you're going to be waiting each moment you're trying to get out of your apartment or leave the practice area. The City is one of those clunky experiences and is proof that bigger doesn't always mean more.

    The way I see it is a bit wildly. It's like the defensive play on this one is more effective than it has been for the past few years. It's much more easy to glide around the court and not be in the game this year. It's also refreshing to see fewer spectacular contacts this year. This was a long and exhausting 2k21.If you want to know more about product information can go to

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