Madeline M. about AirVape X “this is a real upgrade in vape design”

  • Madeline M.

    This is a real upgrade in vape design- I Previously used the pax 1 which was good, but this one really takes the game up a level. It is easy to clean (no long tube to force pipe cleaners through) and an absolute breeze to use.
    It heats up in under a minute (I use it at 400 degrees) and the vibrate function lets you know it’s ready, as does the display on the led screen.
    The design and feel of the whole vape is slick and modern, and makes it really easy to use.
    I use the vape because I find smoking a joint or from a pipe to be too harsh on my lungs and more potent an effect than I am looking for- I use high cbd, low thc strains to help with my muscular and joint pain and I find with this vape I am able to control the dose I give myself which has really helped me in the pain department.
    It has allowed me to be pain free yet still able to function.
    It has really been a lifesaver for me and for that I am so thankful.

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