Air Vape Xs Go

  • I have been using this new product for over 4 months since I preordered it in June. I received it in October and got it for about 80$ cnd which was an amazing price for a vaporizer like this.


    • Its really efficient and the one I have has 2 rechargeable batteries which I like.
    • It is super simple to use and heats up very fast
    • it has a really compact and small design so I can vape stealthy
    • it also doesn't have a lot of smell when vaping


    • The only problem i really have with it is that I dont like the filter/mouth piece design because the magnets are weak and after a few sessions it gets clogged really quickly and it makes it hard to vape because of the airflow

    overall going to definitely stay with this company because of their upgrade program I'm looking forward too and I see a lot of potential with their vaporizers. They can only get better at this point.

  • this is really helpful. i just got the xs go 😎

  • Wow, thank you for sharing your awesome AirVape Xs Go experience and I will be sure to keep our team knows regarding this matter!
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