Brian R. about AirVape X SE|Black and Gold “Score 7 out of 10”

  • Brian R.

    This device heats fast
    Its Compact,

    Aesthetically pleasing
    Great design,

    Great value with the bundle pack extra mouthpieces and
 Rubber sleeves, water vape attachment and the carry case.

    Flavor is unparalleled,
    Credit card charger,

    I've tried everything from the pax 3 to a wicked roots
 been vaping 10 years, and this device punches way above its weight in the flavor and value for money market, simply no other device will give better results.

    If used through the water pipe attachment it becomes unbearably hot if you unlucky enough to be holding it and move your
    hand towards the top piece you wont do it again.
The auto switch off is really annoying, and i believe its only there to allow the device to cool down.

    The battery doesn't last very long at all hence why i recommend the bundle as you get the cc charger with it.

    Overall I think you need to think of making some sort of skin or cover for it so your hands don’t get scolded by the top part, i got around this by placing the device into the bottom part of the carry case.
If You going to take the plunge i'd say get the bundle you wont regret it.

    Score 7 out of 10, fix those 3 issues, I'd say you have the best on the market.

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