Air Vape Experience

  • Anybody who has used it knows and anybody who has not is missing out. AirVape is the way to go whether dry herb or concentrate. Truly I was like the rest who havent tryed, not expecting to be blown away. Disbelief quickly fades as the chamber vaporizes beutifully at a controlled temperature. I can scence the hard work in designing this device in the vapor produced by this piece of art. Fine screens and a air box makes a clean path to the mouthpiece ensuring matter stays inside chamber. As for storage I found best to charge after each use. Hand made leather case for storage is a reliefing place to have it well protected. Accesory kit included completes the kit for all one needs to maintain. I have however added consumables to the cleaning kit to give a little extra care and ease of cleaning, items added were precision point tip qtips commonly used in nail art for getting into corner area at bottom of chamber, alcohol cleaning wipes for best way to make walls of chamber like new again(use care when rubbing chamber walls and wrap tweezer included with wipe to rub), 91% iso/alc. for dipping mouth piece and lastly a old tooth brush for brushing away mouth piece after dipping(provided brush melted when inserted into hot chamber once, manual didnt specify to wait till cooled). I will be upgrading from the xs to the x with a 50% discount wich just keeps making the air vape experience better. Thanks to Air Vape Team and all who contributed ideas, this is the best vaporizer you can get with the best company to buy from.

  • The Air Vape X has been my best vape to date. Love everything about it. Easy to clean and smooth hits.

  • @ivape I really enjoy using the Airvape Xs and have used it almost daily. The only issue that could be improved is some way to eliminate the screens for the bottom of the chamber. I realize that the answer to my problem is in the description of problem☺. However it would be nice to have an elegant design solution that you'all seem to be so good at. Here it is. When I clean out the chamber after using and am not as "clear headed" as I would be otherwise I have, several times, thrown out the bottom screen with the spent herb. In my defence the screen is not easy to see. The screen does not always sit properly either because it is slightly too big or my "ham" hands can't push it down properly. I've had to order extra screens. I have just ordered a Airvape X which I believe still has those screens but I hope they fit a little better. Perhaps having them be a bright colour would be useful.

  • @tdtappan I have the Xs Rose Gold and got another vape for 50% off ! Now I'm using the artist edition so cool! love it soo much!

  • @tdtappan same here! Had the Xs then upgraded to the X - best vapes ever!

  • Bought the AirVape Xs as my first vape, Still using it a year later. Great Product, Gets you medicated very GOOD. Great for single or double sessions. Extremely happy with my Experience.

  • Awesome! Thank you so much for sharing this article as well as sharing your feedback! We really appreciate it and welcome to the #AirVapeFam #HappyAirVaping!

  • Worth the read! So helpful! 🤘 👍

  • @ivape This is a snip of some of the chemicals found in cannibus and their approximate combustion temperatures. I hope this helps others as it did help me. Thanks again AirVape

  • 0_1541010188156_snip.JPG

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