Durable, easy to use

  • I’ve had the original Airvape X for a few years and it hasn’t let me down yet. It was dropped twice onto a NYC sidewalk and still works great. The battery still gives me a few sessions which is enough for my moderate useage needs, the flavor has always come through loud and clear, and as a whole it has been easy to keep clean. I don’t always love cleaning the small metal oval shaped airpath chamber, as the piece get gummed up quite easily and I feel like it would be easy to loose the little pieces. Minor quibbles for such a solid device. I love that it is easy to change to specific tempurtures and look forward to upgrading to the new mouthpiece as I feel like the other one could have fallen apart and dumped the goods stored in the chamber when just throwing it in a bag. My only other feedback is that the vibration is quite loud when I am chilling at home and doesn’t really sound like any other device I own... it could be half as powerful and still be felt in a pocket. Or maybe we could change the intensity of the vibration via a user section.

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