Vaping kief/ question about the screen on chamber

  • Hello , am new to vaping got mine 2 weeks ago and love it so far. Got a question when it comes to kief.
    When i want to vape kief , i put some flower on the bottom then kief and then some more flower like a sandwich situation.
    Can you put just kief in the chamber or there is a chance to ruin the vape?
    Which is the optimal way to vape it ? Do you use the dab stone ?

    Please let me know

    Is there a way to clean the screen you put on the chamber? mine has a brownish color.
    I use a Qtip with rubbing alcohol but it doesnt make it look clean. i even soaked it in alcohol no different result.
    Anyone got any suggestions on how to make it look sparkling clean ?

  • That's a good question, but no though. We recommend using the unit only for herb and oil concentrates.

    We also have the AirVape OM and AirVape OM Mini which works great with oils.

  • @livelifenvape Can you vape RSO ( Rick Simpson Oil )?

  • Wow this is great info! 😮 Thanks so much!

  • @xabe13 That's a good question, I think the sandwich situation is great! Although we do not recommend using a finely grind herb alone due to its powdery texture, that may cause some of the particles to pass through the chamber and inside the unit that may eventually ruin the vape. We do not have a dab stone but we do have a pad insert for oil concentrates use. AirVape X is also not intended for e-juice or e-liquid use.

    We recommend using our products to be used for legal use only.

    For the screen, try soaking the screen with hot water to soften the residue and if that does not work then you may need to replace the screen instead. 🙂

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