Would you buy a vaporizer for your parents?

  • I am seeing that the older generation is getting into vaping.

  • @evike That's an idea! Yeah I most definitely would because it's less harsh way to inhale the flowers which is preferable for seniors and vapes simply make medical herbs more accessible for them also! My dad switch from cigarettes to vaping it's easier to use and a healthier option! My mom doesn't smoke but she preferred my dad to vape than smoking cigarettes. :)))

  • @activaper

    O wow, that is great, I am still surprised when I see the older generation vaping, what a shift in our world, but I embrace it and love it. My father was smoking for 20 years and he had serious health issues due to heavy smoking. He still lights the cigarette time to time so I am planning to surprise him with a vaporizer. I have an AirVape Special edition and i am very happy with mine, easy to use and great design, my dad loves fashion so I'm getting him the Shade of Gray. Hopefully, my mother will be jealous and I would have to get one for her as well. She Smokes too but not much. Europeans lol.

  • @evike Hi :), yeah I would definitely! There are more and more research by the day that shows the health benefits of vaping🙌🏼 so yeah!
    Almost everyone (including myself) who switched from cigarettes to vaping reports a huge positive change😎 And I want the best for my Mommy too 🙂
    A week later I got mine I got her one too. It took her a little time to adjust and get use to how to take care of her vape but after that she was in loveeee! Still going strong😀

  • @evike I would never thought I'd see the day but my grandmother was prescribed medical marijuana for her arthritis and obviously she's not able to roll herself a joint so she started vaping it and even tho she was hesitant in the beginning, now she loves it, both the medicine and her Airvape X :))))) what a wonderful time we're living in!!!

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