AirVape Experience

  • Hello, I purchased an AirVape X about a month ago, and I am pleasantly surprised! For being a fairly affordable unit, compared to other big names, it really performs amazingly. This was an upgrade from a cheap $60 herb vaporizer from my local headshop that just wasn't that great at all. I have ordered the water pipe adapter, and can't wait to be taking rips out of my bong with this unit. Great work! The only complaint I have is the battery indicator isn't that accurate and is a bit confusing. A battery percentage would be great to add in a future firmware upgrade (upgrade patch via USB)

  • @ksyolsen Thank you for that awesome feedback!
    Due to the AirVape compact design the battery usually runs for at least 20 minutes of continues use and if you are getting lower than the said usage, feel free to contact Also feel free to get our power bank that works best with the AirVape X and use the code airaccesories to get 20% discount to any AirVape accessories.

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