Tobacco shag with the XS and XS GO

  • I am a Japanese AirVape user.
    In Japan, most people vaporize a Tobacco shag and have a good time.
    We are restricted smoking(burning) in public area and in door(because of the Tokyo 2020 olympic), so we tend to use vaporizer for "heat not burn" Tobacco.
    I own the Ghost mv1, Davinci IQ, PAX3, Zeus Arc GT, Boundless Tera, Firefly2...
    and the AirVape XS and XS GO.
    AirVape vaporizers are better than others in that design, and vapor.
    But the XS, a mouthpiece swerves from a body and the XS and XSGO have only 1300mah or 1200mah battery.
    So the next gen vaporiser, I want a removable battery like that 18350 Li-ion.


  • Thank you for sharing your thoughts, we really appreciate it. For the AirVape XS mouthpiece, that is also a well-known issue with the AirVape XS that is why we developed the AirVape X with the magnetic mouthpiece. You may also get a power bank and use the code AIRACCESSORIES, to get as much as 20% off of any AirVape accessories!

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