What would you like to see in a future AirVape? ⚡️ 🤖 💨

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    What functionality, design, material you think is necessary for an AirVape of the future.

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    @jami thank you so much for your feedback. And the replaceable battery vape is on the way. Mid next year we will be able to present the newest model in the AirVape family and will be the sweetest one. Not only removable battery, but a lot of other features - no app or backscratcher tho ... 🙂 Just what we think, and you guys tell us what is needed for vaping, really.

    So thank you again for the thoughts, removable battery: Noted 🙂

  • Got my AirVape X through the upgrading program. Great pimp-up. 🙂

    I would like to see touch screen on a future AirVape

  • Had my airvape xs for a few months now and have been loving it. Only thing I'd like to see in the the future is a replaceable battery, as I've noticed the battery life on my vape decrease slightly over time (which is expected) but having the ability to replace that battery myself would be great.