What would you like to see in a future AirVape? ⚡️ 🤖 💨

  • What functionality, design, material you think is necessary for an AirVape of the future.

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  • Love the vape, my only thoughts for improvement would be longer battery life and more intuitive timer adjustment.

  • @VapEenthusiast I definitely like buttons. I don’t like any of the auto draw products.

  • @amouse That's a good point! We are glad you mentioned it here! We'll be sure to send this feedback to our engineering team so they may look into having this re-added or maybe improve it more.

  • @ekomS some people still prefer the tactile click of physical buttons. Easy to feel the button without having to look at it.

  • @VapEenthusiast_The main improvement I’d like to see as an owner of the AirVape X is ability to vaporize fresher herbs. I have to dry out my herbs more than when I buy it. Also, the smell-proof container is great, but I can’t use it while charging the product. I see that the new Legacy has wireless charging, but I haven’t seen a smell-proof container yet. If there isn’t a that kind of container for the Legacy, fixing that would be an improvement.

  • @FatalOrbit agree with absolutely all of this. Great device, but look forward to the tweaks.

  • @VapEenthusiast I’d like to see the next upgrade actually work. The legacy is expensive rubbish. I definitely will NOT be buying AirVape ever again. Complete waste of almost £200 as the retailer will not accept a return. Not happy at all.

  • A way to check the battery level without having to turn on the unit and have it heat up. This is an issue on the X, especially since the battery doesn’t last very long and I often turn it on and immediately get a low battery message.

  • @VapEenthusiast

    USB c and wireless charging for sure.

    Larger battery.

    Easier to clean mouthpiece.

  • @lemorris81 I agree

  • @FatalOrbit Thank you for these very thought out feedback and suggestions. You definitely know your vape and we will send your feedback to our engineering team as reference for future product developments. Have an awesome day!

  • @King4200 Thank you for your feedback! We greatly appreciate it!

  • Airvape X improvement wishlist.

    1. Improved battery Life even if it is a little bit more.
    2. USB C charging also wireless provided it doesn't add bulk to the size
    3. Larger intake holes on the "Ceramic box" (I think that's what it's called?) mine clogs alot mostly because I use it almost every day.
    4. Some way of reducing the temperature of the shell of the device as it gets quite hot. The silicone cover should be included as that probably only costs less than a dollar to make. This is an amazing-looking vaporizer so adding a cover kinda takes away from it abit.
    5. Concentrate usage could be improved somehow without using mesh screen not sure if the cup system could be used. I personally thought the taste using the steel mesh wasn't great. Im comparing that to a puffco plus, TAF sai, dabox pro, dynacoil so this is subjective.
    6. Moose760 comment about a forest green colour would look dope.

    Great device overall I have owned it since June 2020 so just under a year of usage. I will more than likely use the airvape upgrade program for a new airvape X this year if a 2020/2021 version is announced with improvments.

  • @VapEenthusiast

  • @VapEenthusiast
    To me, 110% honestly, I don’t think AirVape needs to do a THING! Their products are as good as they get.. the customer service is amazing, website is top knotch. I just LOVE my OM

  • @mrod1029 Thank you for your suggestion. We will send this to our engineering team so they may take this into consideration for future developments.

  • I would like to see an option online to fully customize different mods.

  • Less maintenance between sessions. An all-glass stem with the chamber in the stem so that cleanup is so much easier. Also, the multiple air holes in the ‘X’ model get “clogged” (resin) even after 1 use, making it so difficult to just load a second chamber full and go... Less time messing around with the vape and more time enjoying it. And pass-through charging is a must, because as it stands the ‘X’ struggles so much it’s hardly usable. Instead you have to walk away and wait. Also rapid heat-up and cool down, such as an incandescent bulb - 0-800 degrees and back in seconds. True on-demand heating, as well as other natural materials like ceramic. Oh, and with the OEM silicone sleeve on the AirVape X becomes too bulky to slide it in its protective shell, and if you remove the sleeve you run the risk of scratching the housing every time it’s placed and removed from the shell.

  • @LadyAqua1 also a rose pink magnetic top replacement. I have one for my blue airvape but I don't see it as an accessory for the rose gold to buy.🙂

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