What would you like to see in a future AirVape? ⚡️ 🤖 💨

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    @thejuanald Thank you for sharing your thoughts and we really appreciate it! We are working on our newest products that will be available soon, also those are great ideas that we may use in our future products! Feel free to subscribe to our newsletters to get the newest updates, promos and freebies. Happy AirVaping!

  • @thejuanald I agree with the USB-C cord, it's time for an upgrade! So excited ❤ ❤

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    Thank you for sharing your feedback, we really appreciate it. Due to its compact design, the AirVape X battery may last at least 20 minutes on a full charge. We recommend charging the unit using a charger with less than 5 volts (an Apple charger will do) or attach it to the computer for 1 hour to get a full charge.

    If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact our awesome customer support group at cs@airvapeusa.com. #HappyVaping!

  • I'd like to see USB-C charging and a bigger battery. It would also be cool if you could have different colors for LED that were user selectable.

  • Easier loading would be nice along with making cleaning easier.

    Currently on the move it is a bit fidley loading and cleaning it out.

    Once a week clean becomes a bit of a chore. The cooling ceramic chamber is great but when trying to clean it was a bit tight to get around.

    Airvape X

  • It would be cool if the vape could be used as a battery pack as well. Like a discreet battery pack mode switch.

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    @benlo Thank you for sharing your feedback! We do have a portable power bank that works well with the unit for on the go vaping sessions. This is also a good idea and we will sure to keep this in mind for future development and upgrade. If you have any more questions or concerns, feel free to ask or email us at cs@airvapeusa.com. Have a great weekend ahead and happy #AirVaping!

  • After a year of using Airvape X this is my recommendations for future vapes :

    1. Have detachable ceramic chamber or to put differently the ability to clean it easier without having the fear of damaging the vape ( with hot water ). If u can detach it , u dont have to worry about anything and its easier to clean
    2. Have the ablitiy to extend the remaining time by 1 minute or smth ( it feels like the moment the vape closes even if i restart it , i lose some of the flavour. But i might be delusional )

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    @xabe13 Thank you for your honest feedback, we really appreciate it as this will help us grow and developer our future vaporizer! Don't forget to subscribe to our monthly newsletter to stay updated regarding our newest addition to the family which will be released this Spring! Again thank you for your time! Have a great weekend ahead!

  • @vapeenthusiast Excited for this new puppy to be released! - Would love to see it actually be able to charge other devices instead of shipping another device to carry around for portable charging since the new device will have such a big battery, why not allow external charging from the new unit itself? Would also like to see another water type attachment accessory!

  • A longer battery life.

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    @lemorris81 Thank you! We have actually taken this into consideration when the new legacy was designed, which is why the new AirVape legacy will have 50 mins and it will also have replaceable batteries.

  • New to the Forum and just got my Airvape X yesterday but it would be amazing if wireless charging could be implemented simply to save the wear and tear on the USB port. I'll admit I do not even know if wireless charging is possible on a vaporizer but it would be cool. It's great the Legacy Airvape has a removable battery and even better going with Vegan leather.

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    @fatalorbit Thank you for this suggestion. We actually have this feature available with the new AirVape Legacy and we can definitely look into incorporating it with the X. Thanks!

  • I would like to see a longer battery life. That would be great

  • I definitely want to upgrade to the Black Legacy

  • I love my Airvape X. I have only 2 issues, one being the battery. I'm going to have to buy another one so I can charge one and use the other. I know it can be used while on the charger but I'm not comfortable with that because it also can get really hot. I bought the silicone holder for it and that reduces the heat in my hand, but I hope that at some point the temperature issue can be addressed. Other than those things I'm so good with everything else. Happy to be a customer for life!

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    @thrst1 We will definitely take note of this and will look into adding this to our new products! Thank you!

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    @ladyaqua1 We will definitely send this to our engineering team so they can address this issue, Thank you!

  • Longer battery life with USB-C charging and a larger chamber.