What would you like to see in a future AirVape? ⚡️ 🤖 💨

  • @mrod1029 Thank you for your suggestion. We will send this to our engineering team so they may take this into consideration for future developments.

  • I would like to see an option online to fully customize different mods.

  • Less maintenance between sessions. An all-glass stem with the chamber in the stem so that cleanup is so much easier. Also, the multiple air holes in the ‘X’ model get “clogged” (resin) even after 1 use, making it so difficult to just load a second chamber full and go... Less time messing around with the vape and more time enjoying it. And pass-through charging is a must, because as it stands the ‘X’ struggles so much it’s hardly usable. Instead you have to walk away and wait. Also rapid heat-up and cool down, such as an incandescent bulb - 0-800 degrees and back in seconds. True on-demand heating, as well as other natural materials like ceramic. Oh, and with the OEM silicone sleeve on the AirVape X becomes too bulky to slide it in its protective shell, and if you remove the sleeve you run the risk of scratching the housing every time it’s placed and removed from the shell.

  • @LadyAqua1 also a rose pink magnetic top replacement. I have one for my blue airvape but I don't see it as an accessory for the rose gold to buy.🙂

  • I received my rose gold airvape x. Very pleased with it. Please offer other colors. Red, Gold, Purple,Green etc. Bigger battery. Reduce heat so the vape isn't hot in the hand because it is gorgeous and I hate using the rubber holder. These issues won't change my love for airvape x. It helps me. I have RA and not having to roll joint is good for me. I save so much flower because it doesn't take much. Even with the short battery, I will buy another. Thank you for an excellent product.

  • Hi @LadyAqua1, Thank you for letting us know about this. Your feedback helps us get better. We are looking into this issue and hope to resolve it promptly and accurately. May we know if you are getting at least 20 minutes of continuous vaping? Also, feel free to reach our customer support team for further assistance by sending them an email at cs@airvapeusa.com.

  • I love my airvape. It could use a longer lasting battery and more color options.

  • Love the Innovation and your creativity with textures. Love the denim look to the Legacy I think these textures could also lend well to the smaller models like the x

  • @btfd Thank you for your feedback and we will definitely send your suggestion to our engineering team so we can look into redesigning the battery to be able to provide more sessions without compromising the design.

  • @ASG Thank you for your detailed review and for paying attention to the improvements we have made on the Legacy which is based from the feedbacks and suggestions we get from our customers. We greatly appreciate your feedback!

  • I’ve been using the airvape x for some time and I’m extremely happy with it! Discrete and stylish look, heat up time, flavour are all great. Only the battery life could be slightly better (i know this is tricky without adding too much bulk, but a few millimetres thicker would still be ok) and also the battery level indicator could me more accurate. I find it tricky to get reliable info from it. Being able to replace a depleted battery myself would also be a massive plus!

  • Love my X, bought another one as a gift and the new owner is quite happy with it. Only suggestions would be features it looks like have already been incorporated into the Legacy... removable/cleanable chamber basket, and separating the mouthpiece from the chamber as the flower tends to start clogging up the mouthpiece in mine after one or two sessions and needs cleaning with isopropyl alcohol within three or so sessions. Unless I’m putting too much flower in, which is certainly a possibility. Seems like it just draws it up to the mouthpiece a bit from the airflow.
    Overall, I love the X. Discreet and travels well. I’ve had mine for two years now with at least weekly use and have had no problems whatsoever. Easily fits in my pocket for walks. I love the packing tool for the X, wish is somehow fit into the case like it does on the Legacy.
    Will likely upgrade to the Legacy as well.
    Great product and great customer service based on my two previous orders.

  • @zinzen88 Thank you for your interest in the Legacy and for your patronage. The AirVape Legacy have a wax pad insert for you to be able to use it with concentrates. 🙂

  • I am thinking that the legacy may be exactly what I am looking for in a vape, though I hope the concentrate accessory is better than the last one I had.

  • @Moose760 Thank you for your awesome inputs! We will definitely send your suggestion to our engineering team. I can definitely see myself owning a royal purple one! ❤

  • A slightly different X model, perhaps the X^2? A little bigger (1/2 inch?), a little more battery (1500 mah?), new colors (forest green? Royal Purple?) different mouth pieces ( swappable? Glass, ceramic, rounded tips?)

    From what I have seen, it appears people like accessories and the ability to customize so....

    I’m just throwing ideas out there. Feel free to jump in on this conversation and add to it.

  • @Kat Thank you for your feedback! What colors would you be interested in adding in our X variant? 🙂

  • Would like longer battery life. Please with the performance. Do no like the rose gold color, looks more bright orange.

  • @VapeMogul That's a great idea! Thank you for sharing!

  • I Love my Airvape X, it is super stylish, but it kinda turns off quickly between hits. Can I do something about that?

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