Airvape X and accessories

  • I immediately loved my Airvape X and haven't "smoked" since I bought it 5+ months ago. There are many advantages to vaping, and this product has now made it a practical/portable option for me. I did need to add on a few accessories to complete my experience. I purchased a wooden mouthpiece and bought a separate full mouthpiece for it. The ceramic mouthpiece I keep ready for the water bong (and attachment). The silicone sleeve while not necessary, is really a nice addition to the rig.

    I also picked up a bunch of extra screens, but haven't used them. With regular cleaning, I've been able to use the same screens for months.

    This seems to be an excellent company with great customer service. They communicate well, and always send % off incentives. I really like how they respond to customer needs. Keep up the great work Airvape Team!

  • Whoa, what an amazing review! Thank you so much for taking the time sharing your thoughts about the AirVape X, we really do appreciate it. Also, feel free to subscribe to our monthly newsletter to get the newest updates, promos and freebies. Have an awesome day ahead!

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