Best Portable Vape. Hands Down.

  • I have been using portable vaporizers for 3 years now. I’ve used a pax 2, a grindhouse shift, and the rookie mistake of a 50$ no brand name dry herb vape that was terrible. The AirVape X is by far the best experience I have had with a portable vape. First off the design is great. There doesn’t seem to be along way for the vapor to travel and cool down, but somehow it produces thick clouds that taste great and aren’t too hot. It’s very slim, I bought the case for mine and it makes carrying it anywhere easy and smell free so it’s perfect to throw in your pocket and not worry about it getting scratched up by your keys or turn on by mistake or just start smelling like the product you are vaping. The only thing I wish was improved is the battery life. Just charge it every night and you should be good. It’s not terrible but having a power Bank nearby is a a good idea. Still wouldn’t trade the size for a longer battery so it make sense why it doesn’t last as long as some of the bulkier units out there. Honestly my favorite portable I’ve used and I have tried a bunch and owned a few. Would absolutely recommend to anyone that is looking for a piece that can be used daily and deliver every time. I also recommend picking up the rocket grinder. It’s packed with features but it’s best function is a funnel to fill your AirVape X