New to vaping

  • I am a long time smoker making the transition from a one-hitter to vaping with a new AirVape X. I have not been able to find answers to some basic questions, would appreciate feedback.

    Is it necessary to completely fill the chamber or can it be used it less-than-full?

    Is it OK to just have a couple of hits and turn the X off with unfinished weed in the chamber, i.e., is this wasting weed at all?

    How specifically do you know when it is time to refill? Does the concentration of the vapor tail off gradually?

    Thanks in advance for answers.

  • @vaping-rookie Hi there, thank you for sharing your thoughts and we'd be more than happy to answer your questions! If you wish to see more vapor production, then we recommend filling the chamber but you could still use it half full but it will have lesser vapor production. For the second question, you can definitely still re-use the herbs inside the unit as long as the herbs are not black and/or it does not have a burnt taste. If this happens, we recommend changing the herbs and cleaning the mouthpiece to prevent any residue to harden inside. Lastly, that is correct, the concentrates will gradually lose its flavor and you may need to add more in the chamber. We recommend using the wax pad insert when using oil concentrates with the AirVape X. If you have any more questions or concerns, feel free to ask or send us an email at

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