Very well made, and designed portable vape.

  • Ive have my AirVapeX a little over a year now, and this compact, great looking portable vaporizer has exceeded my expectations in almost every way. The sleek, thin design fits perfectly in your pocket, and is light enough to where it doesn’t weigh down your pocket. The heat up time is quick, and can be adjusted by individual temps which is a really nice feature. The X was the first handheld portable vape i had ever purchased, and lead me to go on some what of a vaporizer binge and purchase multiple other vaporizers during the following year. However no matter how many new vapes I purchased, i always find myself using my airvape more then any of the others. It really is the perfect personal on the go vaporizer. The only potential issue ive ever found with this unit, is the battery life. Depending on your temp, you can get around 5 sessions per charge, however it can be used while charging. It really is a awesome vaporizer. Very well made, and performs as well as any other vape ive tried. The upgrade option for owners is such a nice feature also. I will always be a airvape user and supporter, and plan to upgrade with a Legacy whenever it is released.

  • @gniiizydp_503 Whoa! Thank you for that amazing feedback! We are happy to hear that you are enjoying your AirVape. At the moment, we are still working on the release date of the AirVape Legacy but we will surely let you know once it is available for distribution. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to let us know or email us at

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