Mixing Wax and/or distillate and Flowers in the Oven

  • Wouldn't it work just fine to add a touch or wax or a few drops of distillate to your ground flowers in the AirVapeX oven? What could go wrong?

  • Thank you for your feedback, we highly appreciate it! However, the unit can only be used strictly for dry herb and oil concentrates. We do have products that can be used for oils. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask. Have a great day ahead!

  • Thank you - so the screen for wax serves to keep liquid from fouling electronics. You should consider an accessory that protects the chamber for oils and distillates.


  • Hi there, that's a good question! We highly recommend not to add any liquid substance on the chamber as it may go through the unit and damage it permanently. Please note that the AirVape lifetime warranty is void once it has be en concluded as faulty due to water damage. The AirVape X can only be use for dry herbs and oil concentrates only. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask or send us an email at cs@airvapeusa.com. Have a great day ahead!

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