Airvape XS After Two Years

  • My wife and I invested in the Airvape XS two years ago after extensive research. We have tried various vapes over the years such as the MFLB, Extreme Q and the vapeXhale, but they all ended up making her cough (she has asthma). We read and saw the review on the XS by the Vape Critic, and we made the decision on the XS. We definitely don't regret the purchase! She can use the vape comfortably most of the time and it's the only vape she wants to use!

    We only have a few issues / areas for improvement:

    • The power button has stopped working
    • It would be nice to have a cartridge / basket system so that multiple sessions could be prepackaged to make it easier to manage during movies / at the beach / etc.
    • The airbox gets gummed up after a while, but not often enough for us to be a major issue
    • Short battery life

    Big pros:

    • Can be used while charging, which negates the short battery life. We use an external battery pack almost 99% of the time.
    • Very smooth and excellent vape quality
    • No issues with burning/combusting

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