AirVape X review

  • There's not much that I don't love about the X. I'm coming from a Crafty, and I really do feel like the X does most things better. The quick charge, the cloud, especially the ease of cleaning compared to the Crafty...I'm really glad I made this purchase. For as small and light as it is, it definitely seems to be sturdy as well. The shell is like 99% scent-proof, which comes in handy in the red state that I live in!

    The only complaints that I might have are such:

    • The unit and mouthpiece can get a bit hot, especially on a second consecutive 3-min use
    • Loading is easy, but after using the Crafty loader, I do wish there was a nifty loading tool with the X
    • The up & down buttons on the body feel like they should be switched.

    Those aren't even really complaints, just things that I feel like could be improved upon.

    All in all, the X is my favorite vape....definitely the best I've ever used!

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