George S. about AirVape Xs|Mystic Gray “Effective and sleek portable vape...”

  • George S.

    Effective and sleek portable vape. 

    Tips: keep a portable battery on hand as the battery does wear down quickly. Not a big deal.

I added the spare rubber mouth piece on top of the other one.
    It fits much better that way as well as adding another layer for heat absorption. 

    The metal filter gets clogged fairly fast if you’re an avid toker.
    Buy a second mouthpiece because you’re a stoner and you’re gonna lose the first one.

If you’re on the go and the filter is clogged, I’ve found you can remove it completely.
    Make sure it’s packed tightly so you don’t get any scoobies.
    It will be a little hotter, but you won’t need to rip it nearly as hard either.

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