The accessories we think could be useful 💼

  • AirVape has a wide range of power banks, charging options and other cool stuff.
    Vaping is fun, but we can make it even more fun by #AirVaping up and think about some crazy ideas. 💡 That is how many of AirVape's accessories were born, actually 😆

  • @Jay7736 I've been using mine for over a year and it has worked like a dream. I'd love to see them add a micro-USB port for charging instead of the screw on USB. Keep up the good work guys!

  • @vapeenthusiast I really enjoy using my Airvape Xs. I've just upgraded to the Airvape X and waiting for it to be delivered. I would like to see a very discreet pouch or some other built in allowance for cleaning tools and extra screens etc. In Canada Cannabis is now legal for everyone over 18 (except two provinces which are 19 years of age). So travelling around town with a Airvape is awesome, no odor and very discreet but I don't want to keep a bunch of other things in my pockets, the cleaning, tamping tool and brush could be kept onboard somewhere.

  • Yes!! My two favorite accessories are the X Shell and the power bank. And I can not wait for the new sleeve too. Really excited to see what AirVape comes out with next!

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