Airvape XS review

  • I purchased my XS more than two years ago, and it served me incredibly well all this time. It was the first vape I ever bought, and given the positive experiences I had, I’m happy to upgrade it to the newest model.

    Best features:
    -portability and discreet appearance
    -high quality and consistency of burning
    -fast heat-up time

    Things to be further improved on:
    -mouthpiece design (the magnetic one on the X sounds very exciting)
    -heat dissipation, especially around upper part of device and glass of mouthpiece
    -battery life

    Overall, though, would very highly recommend - it is a great little device than can be carried easily and be used everywhere due to its conveniently simple mechanism. Would buy again.


  • @raulgggg Hi there, thank you for reaching out to us! We recommend cleaning the chamber after use to minimize the smell. For the battery, we are offering the power bank that works well with the AirVape X. Feel free to use the promo code, AIRACCESSORIES, to get as much as 20% discount off of your entire order. If you have any questions, please let us know or reach us at Happy #AirVaping!

  • Love the review. Love my XS, I just wish there were more options for the smell proof case and a longer battery or an option for quicker charging.

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