Patricio G. about AirVape Xs|Mystic Gray “MY FAVORITE WAY TO VAPE! ”

  • Patricio G.

    The AirVape XS is my go to for my concentrates.
    You can really taste the flavors of the strains you're vaping through this Vaporizer compared to others I've owned & tried.
    Which is really something all great compact vaporizers should be able to achieve.
    I do recommend buying The Shell case just to keep this Vaporizer in great condition.
    In all honesty I love The AirVape XS so much that this is my second one & The Shell case kept mine in tip-top shape.
    I'm only buying another one because I had originally bought mine from a friend who owns a shop & didn't register it within the 30 day period for the warranty.
    So that's on me. All in all this is a great product I myself have always been satisfied & I'm confident that anyone who buys one will be too.

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