John W. about AirVape XS “I've already rec'd it to several people.”

  • John W.

    They offer a discount on their unit if you send in any old vaporizer!
    That's a great customer benefit right off the bat.
    The packing is cool.
    Build quality is great, portability is great, ease of use is great, temperature selection is fast and easy.
    The XS feels durable and has a nice weight in the hand.
    It's a talking piece most places I take it.
    The time to warm-up is the quickest around.
    The vapor quality is very good and it has little to no resistance when taking a draw.
    Can be uses at least 6 times when using the 3 minute auto off before needing a charge; less for the 5 min obviously.
    Screen features battery, countdown till off and temp.
    And the XS uses USB charging.

    Using the screen in direct sunlight, it's mostly unreadable.
    The glass mouth piece can get warm, but never too hot to use.
    Needs cleaning more often then some competition.
    The pieces that need to be cleaned are small and could be lost easily I guess.
    Airvape should offer those pieces as separate purchaseable items. Other than those small things, this unit is amazing.
    I've already rec'd it to several people.

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