Kristine T. about AirVape XS|Red Gold “as a pocket vape it's so stealthy and modern, you can't go wrong.”

  • Kristine T.

    AirVape XS-fast-elegant-small-mighty. Love my AirVape XS.
    It's so easy and compact to use and I get so many compliments on it. Really easy to clean as well and the extra purchase of the waterproof shell is a must!
    I would have liked the shell to be already included with the product initially but for $16 (I got a discount on it) it's worth it for the convenience.
    My only criticisms with the AirVape, begins with the mouthpiece.
    Which isn't as secure as the first time I got it (approx. a month of use now) as its held in the hardware by friction alone.
    If there was a way to conceal the mouthpiece in the next generation of AirVape as well as a better way for the mouth piece to click in place that would give me some peace of mind.
    The device is very sleek but does tend to get quite hot after two consecutive 3 min sessions, and I normally vape at 375 C.
    However as a pocket vape it's so stealthy and modern, you can't go wrong.
    It's my first vape and I'm extremely satisfied I would definitely make a second purchase for a family member.

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