Highs and Lows of my Airvape XS

  • I've had this vape for about two years. It is a very high quality vape, I like the large temperature range and easy to use control screen. The vapor quality is great.
    The only issues I have had with this vape is battery life. When I first got the vape the battery life was acceptable, but after two years of use the battery only lasts like 5-10 minutes. The micro USB port has now become the main issue, I think using the vape while it was charging led to the port breaking and eventually reaching the point that the vape will no longer charge. So since that has happened I am no longer able to use it. I look forward to upgrading and potentially getting the magnetic charger to avoid my new vape wearing out in the same way.

  • @skiertoker1010 Thank you for reaching out to us regarding this matter and we are sorry to hear this! To be eligible for the upgrade program, please fill in the link below: https://airvapeusa.com/pages/upgrade-program. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask or send us an email at cs@airvapeusa.com. Happy #AirVaping!

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