XS Go won’t turn on

  • So I bought the XS Go today, all excited to dip my toes into the vaping world, and the dang thing just won’t turn on. No light, nothing. Tried 3 clicks of the power button, 5 clicks, rapid fire clicks... nothing. Tried charging it...nothing. Got a new charging cord, plugged in for hours...nothing. Anyone else experience this? The retailer I got it from says they will refund or replace, but it’s an inconvenience to go back, and probably won’t get the chance for a few days. Any help would be appreciated.

  • administrators

    @moowd Thank you for reaching out to us regarding this matter and we are sorry to hear this. We have contacted the relevant department to assist you with this. Please expect an email from them within 24 hours. If you have not yet received the email, please check your spam folder or contact us at cs@airvapeusa.com. Happy #AirVaping!