XS going extinct

  • XS has been used, not abused, and can't be fixed. Apparently going extinct. Loved how it worked, all except for the cooling chamber. Hope what ever I purchase next has improved on that aspect.

  • @jk47 Hello there, thank you for your feedback, we really appreciate it! The AirVape X is the improved version of the AirVape XS with additional features such as magnetic mouthpiece, wax pad insert for oil concentrates use and not to mention the Airvpae X is 25% bigger than the XS. We also have a special promo for existing AirVape users. Please go to the link below to find out more: https://airvapeusa.com/pages/upgrade-program. If you have any morequestions, feel free to contact us at cs@airvapeusa.com.

  • I too was very disappointed with the XS going extinct. I hope the X lasts longer then the XS. I just got almost exactly a year out of it before it quit working

  • @kcressey Thank you for letting us know! For these kinds of issue, we highly recommend contacting our customer support team to assist you regarding this matter. The AirVape XS Go is currently stock and ready for shipping. Please go to the link below to get one: https://airvapeusa.com/products/airvape-xs-go. You may also get an upgrade 50% program of an existing user, https://airvapeusa.com/pages/upgrade-program.

  • Since I have 2 XS models that both need repair and parts and accessories that I've purchased for these 2 models, I've got a few hundred dollars invested in products that are beginning to give up their usefulness. I'm hesitant to spend another few hundred dollars replacing these products with more products that will be sent to the grave yard soon after purchase, or products that have a warranty that is useless.

    I'm probably most interested in replacing these expensive items with your $69 GO but, it's out of stock. If I could purchase it in a reasonable amount of time at half price, I'd consider it. But my 2 XS models are wearing out and I'll need something to replace them soon.

    Kirk Cressey

  • @kcressey Hi there, thank you for reaching out to us! We do apologize but we are no longer producing parts or the unit itself. We do have the upgraded version which is the AirVape X. We are also offering a 50% discount to all existing airvape users to upgrade their old unit to any of our newest models. If you have availed this program, please send a follow-up email to representative assisting you! Feel free to contact us if you have any more questions or concerns. Happy #AirVaping!

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