Amanda Descamps about AirVape XS “Almost perfect vaporizer for under $200


  • Amanda Descamps

    Almost perfect vaporizer for under $200

    The AirVape Xs is mostly magnificent. It's design is sleek and solid.
    The performance is amazing.
    I like that the heating chamber is ceramic, it seems to stay cleaner than other vaporizers with metal heating chambers.
    The vapor produced is very smooth and pleasant.
    I really like that the draw resistance isn't very strong so it's easy to pull from.
    The AirVape Xs is so easy to use, just turn it on and it starts heating up to the last temperature you had it set to.
    There are two thing about the AirVape Xs that could be improved.
    First, the battery indicator isn't always accurate.
    I have turned on my AirVape Xs to check the battery level and it showed it half way charged, then halfway through my vaping session the vaporizer dies, but when I know the vaporizer is fully charged it works wonderfully.
    The auto shut off feature could also be improved.
    My vaping sessions often last longer than 5 minutes and it can shut off on you halfway through a vaping session.
    It's not hard to turn back on, and it heats up extremely quickly, but it can still be slightly annoying.
    I still think this vaporizer is better than most and its's amazing that it's under $200!

    I would recommend this vaporizer to anyone!

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