Kyle G. about the X Shell for AirVape XS “I had hi hopes for the Airvape XS. ”

  • Kyle G.

    I had hi hopes for the Airvape XS.
    Love it's size and pocket ability.
    I read many reviews about what temp to run it at.
    Starting from 355, all the way up to 410.
    Haven't tried over that, as then you start to go into the burn/smell territory. 

    Didn't make a whole lot of difference what temp I used.
    No matter what, I'm not getting any measurable exhale cloud that I'm accustomed to from other vapes.
    Nor am I getting the "results" I'm accustomed to.
    I've tried adding moisture to the herb, thinking it may be to dry, not much help.
    The same herb works fine in my other tried and true devices.
    I'm at a loss...

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