AirVape XSGo Feedback

  • My husband and I have used the AirVape XSGo since June (4 months). We love it, overall. It does what it's supposed to do -- heat dry herb to produce vapor. It's affordable, it tastes okay, it heats up quickly, and it charges fairly quickly.


    1. It can be annoying to clean. I've never owned a different vaporizer, so maybe it's relatively easy. All I know is I dread needing to clean it, which is every couple days.
    2. The head breaks pretty easy. Maybe we use the vaporizer more than the average person so the plastic is overused, but I'm about to need a third head because it splits up the side after a little while.

    Total rating: 4/5

  • @clairly Thank you so much for your feedback, we really appreciate it. For the cleaning concern, we recommend cleaning the unit every after use to prevent clogged build up. Also, if you ever needed a new mouthpiece for the unit we are offering 20% discount off if you use the promo code, AIRACCESSORIES. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask. Happy #AirVaping!

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