AirVape XS Feedback

  • I have owned the AirVape XS for over a year, and it is a very convenient device that produces good quality vapor. The only complaints I would have against it are the battery life and the difficulty in cleaning the mouthpiece. If these two areas were improved, this device would be the perfect portable vaporizer.

  • @solver Hello there, thank you for reaching out! We appreciate your feedback regarding that AirVape XS. We glad to inform you that we did have an upgraded version of the AirVape XS. We have the AirVape X which is 25% bigger than the XS. It comes with an easy to clean the ceramic mouthpiece, and the battery should last for at least 20 minutes on a full battery. Not only that, the AirVape X comes with a magnetic lid mouthpiece to prevent the mouthpiece from falling apart. If you have any questions feel free to ask or send us an email at Happy #AirVaping!

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