Airvape X vs G Pen Pro and Elite

  • I have only had the X for a couple of weeks, so I can't vouch for it's durability and lifespan.

    However, I can say that it is head and shoulders above either G Pen in terms of ergonomics and effectiveness.

    The G Pens have plastic mouthpieces that are secured by friction. Get a little resin around the mouthpiece fittings, and it breaks easily trying to pry it apart, no matter how carefully. Worse, the plastic receiver for the mouthpiece also breaks easily. Batteries lasted about 3 months with both my Pro and an upgraded Elite that I hoped would be better. Neither could heat to 200 degrees before dying unless connected to a charging cable. Even when brand new, I didn't get the draw on the G Pens that the X gives me. Four relatively shallow inhales on the X and I'm happy. Took 10 equivalent on the G Pens. I spent considerably more on the G Pens together than on the X. There were other build quality problems with the G Pens, but I won't beat a dead horse. I wish I had done better research. So I finally did some research, and chose the X, and:

    The industrial design is delightful. That's a geek/engineer thing, but a lot of geeks and engineers like their herb. To everyone else, it just means it looks and feels elegant in your hand. It's pretty hard to drop and fits nicely in a pocket without printing. (Printing is when people go, is that a vaporizer in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?)

    The magnetic mouthpiece assembly is awesome. No prying to get the mouthpiece off. And the assembly is all metal, no plastic. It's easy to refill the chamber with no debris going anywhere else. The X is super easy to clean, and needs much less maintenance than the G Pens.

    I wish battery life were better, but I grok that this is a universal problem. If you're going to take the X out for a night on the town and/or share with more than one friend, you're going to need a power brick or wall outlet. On the plus side, the X heats up fast--perhaps 3 to 5 x faster than the G Pens. It gives you a buzz when it's ready so you don't have to keep watching the screen. So far, with a new battery, the X charges quickly, in less than an hour, as promised.

    With repeated one-after-another uses, it does get warm, but not past feeling good as a hand warmer. The metal construction makes it cool down quickly, in just a couple of minutes.

    Even at its full retail price, it's a bargain, unless I find something goes horribly wrong with it a few months down the road. Extrapolating from the top-notch physical build and design, I'm not terribly worried about quality control issues. If I encounter them, I'll post an update here. Airvape support also looks pretty rock solid so far.

  • @ucebucket999 Amazing! Thank you for that amazing feedback, we really appreciate it! For the battery concern, it should last for 20 minutes on a full battery if you are getting less than this, please contact our representatives by reaching us at We are also offering a 20% discount for AirVape accessories including power bank:, which perfectly well with the AirVape X. Let me know if you have any more questions regarding this! Have a great weekend ahead and Happy #AirVaping!

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