Why I love my AirVape X

  • Lots of people say they love or really like their AirVape X but don't say exactly why. So here goes:
    During the '60s and '70s it was roll or pipe or waterpipe. All of those methods involved igniting the cannabis and therefore released toxins like tar that were inhaled. Only the weakest, most innocuous weed wouldn't leave me coughing .. and it also wouldn't leave me high.
    Long, multi-decade hiatus because I had a family to raise. Then along comes retirement and legalization. Hoorah! But I don't want to risk the bad effects of burned weed. Heck, if I were still addicted to nicotine I would be vaping tobacco, not smoking it!
    AirVape X has controlled temperature -- super important to avoid toxins. And it's easy to use, easy to clean, portable enough to use in public where it's not necessarily legal (I'm a life-long scofflaw when it comes to weed).
    Now we need to get the word out that vaping the herb is not the same as vaping an oil. Much safer.

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