AirVape X -The negatives- We heard your feedback 🔊

  • We listen to you. And we are constantly working on enhancing your #AirVaping experience. ❤

  • @Krapstow Thank you for your feedback. You may try a more relaxed draw to prevent this. If it is still too warm for you, you may change the mouthpiece with the wooden one and we do have them on our website Feel free to subscribe to our newsletter for great deals and discounts. 🙂

  • The mouthpiece is unfortunately very warm when you use the device longer and the battery could last a bit longer otherwise the device is very good.

  • The battery life on this is abysmal but I'm glad to be part of the upgrade eligible crowd so I can get a new one with better battery life!

  • @Algiz Hi Algiz. Thank you for raising this to our attention. I believe a customer service representative is already working with you on this matter and you were given an explanation why it turns on on its own and this was on the 29th of June 2020. Were you able to get that email?

  • @ekomS
    Hello EkomS,
    no real explanation on why it turn on on is own.
    Nevertheless I have made a video. I'll send it by email.

    Thanks in advance.

  • @velshnia Thank you for your feedback and we will be happy to assist you with your upgrade needs, please let us know as soon as your ready. Have a great day!

  • I prefer the AirVape X to my previous vape, a Pax 2, but it suffers from similar flaw: a very involved cleaning process that includes lots of tiny pieces. I have lost 4 Air Vape mesh screens in only a couple of months, and have given up using them at all. The mouthpiece also has a chip on the small block-with-holes inside, and a tear in the rubbery part that holds it.
    All of this is user error, admittedly - I need to be much more delicate with my machine. But the durability of the Air Vape is weaker than the Pax, which I really put through hell before it finally died.
    I appreciate both the warranty and the upgrade option for AirVape users, though, and will probably take advantage of one or both in the near future.

  • @drewvpham The difference between the AirVape OM Quartz and the AirVape OM Ceramic is the atomizer:

    The AirVape OM Quartz has a coil atomizer while the other one is full ceramic.

    The quartz atomizer has the fastest heat up time and delivers excellent taste, but may not hold heat as well as the full ceramic atomizer.

    While the full ceramic atomizer may take longer to heat, it can hold heat for the longest amount of time and can also deliver excellent taste.

  • I have The New AirVape OM | Carbon thoughts on the AirVape OM-Classic | Full Ceramic Atomizer?

  • @Algiz Thank you for your honest feedback. Upon checking your interaction with our customer service representative, the representative was able to explain why it was turning on on its own and we have also sent this feedback of yours to our engineering team for improvements. We are sorry if you were not happy with the solution provided to you but we are willing to work with you on this to be able to get to a better resolution, please send us a video of the unit turning on on its own by shaking it so we can have our authorized examiner and analyze it so they can help us provide a better resolution. Thanks

  • Hi,
    AirVape X user since one year now.
    I give up. Big concern with an AirvapeX turning one alone. By the past it was in the sleeve, just shaking it allows to turn on.
    It happen while walking or even in the bag on the passenger seat.
    Feedback from Airvape support ==> design issue we can offer 20% discount on a new replacement.
    Now the product alone in my pant pocket turn on alone.

    Waste of material, waste of discretion, waste of time.

    More over after all this burning material, the Airevap stinks, cleaning and cleaning with alcool and the bad smell remains.....

    Yesterday, no way to increase the Temp , stuck at 190°C...... after 3 restart it works.....
    Too bad.
    Legacy upgrade, not sure yet...

    In addition, magnetic charging cable, a joke, use 5 time and then dead.....

  • @ruffle28 Thank you for your inquiry. You may use the tweezers included in your accessory pack to remove the screen. As for your second question, .75- 1 gr. could fit inside of the AirVape X while the Legacy has an 0.82ml chamber capacity.

  • 2 quick questions:

    • What's the best way to remove the chamber screen? It's fitted fairly tightly, the tweezers just won't do.

    • How much bigger is the chamber in the Legacy than in the AirVapeX?


  • I will be solving the battery problem with 2 AirVapeX-s, a blue and the black-and-gold SE 😉 Heat doesn't bother me as long as the unit doesn't melt, explode or damage in any way, feels quite good in winter-time actually, doubles as a hand-warmer 😄

  • @kimo Excellent idea. In the interim between redesigns, we users might be able to find such a thing and glue it on to the AirVape X, assuming that, after doing so, it will fit in the shell case.

  • @compuman Wow, that's great to know. We have raised the battery issue to our engineering department so they may look into it should they redesign the X. Thank you and have a great day!

  • In hindsight and after having tried many different devices, even with the battery issues, this was one of the more enjoyable portable vapes I've used. One of the few in this size that didn't irritate my throat too much.

  • My only negative feed back is the battery life and possibly a larger chamber. The X is super slim which is nice, but I'll bet most users would take a little more girth to have both of those things. Otherwise, it's definitely my favorite vape.

  • @ladyaqua1 Thank you for your wonderful feedback!

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