AirVape X -The negatives- We heard your feedback πŸ”Š

  • My only negative feed back is the battery life and possibly a larger chamber. The X is super slim which is nice, but I'll bet most users would take a little more girth to have both of those things. Otherwise, it's definitely my favorite vape.

  • @ladyaqua1 Thank you for your wonderful feedback!

  • Love my airvapeX. So pretty and sleek!πŸ₯°

  • @virtualglue we are sorry to hear about what happened but let us help you! Please send us an email at

  • I was told to leave feedback on here to To Become Eligible For Upgrade, my last 2 airvapevaporizers,(dry herb) barely lasted a year a piece and i did not even use them that much. They just stop charging and the charge port was bad on the first one i got. thank you

  • @malpie99 Thank you for your feedback! You may adjust the automatic shut off timer by holding the on/off button and the up arrow button that is to the left, to go from 3 to 5 minutes or from 5 to 3 minutes.

  • Got my AirVape a few weeks ago. Love it. Great product that I’d recommend to anyone. Would love to be able to control how long it stays on though. I’m guessing there’s a reason behind the 3 minute countdown. Any way to increase that to 5 minutes or so?

  • @massive Thank you so much for your support! We value and appreciate your feedback! Have a great day and stay safe!

  • Useing the air vape xs go is amazing I and a huge fan of this device and am impressed on how.well it works with such a low price tag and I have been recommending to other.

  • @vapeenthusiast I would love the ability to check the battery level of the Xs Go without having to plug it in.....other than that it's awesome!

  • @blackhawk agree battery life only issue. Another thing it would be awesome if the unit actually had a small circulating fan where the fan cutouts are in the air-vape to actually blow around the heat for a real convection herb bake.

  • The Airvape is the best portable vaporizer, however, the cleaning is not the easiest. I use isopropanol to clean it but is is difficult to reach the bottom of the vape. If it could become somehow easy to disamble the vape and parts it would be great so the cleaning part could become better.

  • @markceller These are some solid suggestions. My experience withthe shell was less than optimal. the 3 click on-off was actually getting activated while in he shell! I kept running out of battery without any understandable reason. I wound up putting a piece of velcro pad next to the button on the unit to prevent accidental firing. What it really needs is a raised ring around the button so that pressure on the case does not activate the unit under any circumstance.

  • @markceller weel, wouldn't you know one man;s ceiling is another's floor. I like the ridge - it prevents shake from falling all over the place as you attempt to fill. So? you need to brush the remaining trichomes into the chamber. the ridge assists in that task.

  • @84corvettechris Hi Chris. You mention the ceramic is thin and will crack. I've had mine a year and subjected it to extreme abuse. It is still going strong. Chis, is your chamber cracked? How long did that take to happen?

  • Hot mouthpiece:

    1. fill a shot glass with cool water
    2. place AirvapeX mouthpiece with unit upside down so that mouthpiece is submerges 1/4" in shotglass
    3. Problem forever solved

    So let's say you are out and about.
    How tough to get a courtest cup and toke away?

    Every vape is going to have a downside. AirvapeX smokes PAX, Eats Airizer. Pulverizes Crafty. It is smply the best little digital display vape out there I have found. No Software, easy clean up, massive rips and plenty of power for a tiny little device. The pass-through charging is terrific.

    This unit is different and you will not regret your purchase.

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  • Hello,

    I'm not the most tender user of my airvape xs, it fell a couple of times but although it is now stuck in Fahrenheit, the vibration unit broke and it has lost the button covers it still performs its job robustly since 2.5 years. Such a pity I cannot order the mouthpiece anymore ;(

  • Hola!!

    I wrote a few initial thoughts a month or more ago on the AirVape X. Mostly it mirrored what everyone else mouthpiece, frame gets to hot, and rounded oven surround.

    I have a few new things I would really like to mention after using it daily for a month or so. The battery meter does not indicate useful information. For instance, it will not always survive the last vape session before the battery dies, leaving me with a half-baked issue. The actual battery level is completely irrelevant. What we need and want to know is how many more sessions can it make it through. Simple countdown would work amazing. Also, I need to be able to see the battery level/sessions remaining at a quick touch, instantly without having to wait for it to actually turn on and run the logo. This helps me keep it charged.

    Love the unit...just hope to see this kind of level thought in the next generation. It'll definitely keep you at the top of every dispensaries list.

  • @compuman said in AirVape X -The negatives- We heard your feedback πŸ”Š:

    The X still has some design flaws in my opinion - the ridge along the top perimeter accumulates flower much more than the XS and is difficult to keep clean and the mouthpiece gets much hotter than the XS for some reason. I also think the X is more difficult to clean in general. I like it but not as much as the XS.

    I agree. I recognize Several of the design β€œflaws” are an unfortunate side effect of small design. But things like the ridge where flower does get stuck (and for us who are crazy clean, it is enough to make you need another session). I wish the entire area surrounding the oven was smooth and formed in a way to encourage all flower to fall into the oven. That isn’t a matter of real world physical restrictions. That s just a design tweak. Hope I see it later this year. That and some cool space x tech for keeping metal mouthpieces cool when sucking 450 degree air through them.

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