AirVape X -The negatives- We heard your feedback 🔊

  • Thoughts upon my first use:

    Nice unit, beautiful look, great hand feel. Heats up fast, and creates vapor: for us old schoolers, no non-combusted cloud will ever rate flaming a packed bowl or beautifully rolled jay (particularly if you do/did coffin nails), but as health compromises go, not to mention discretion and general tidiness, this vape machine is awesome.

    Gets too warm to the touch, so that silicon sleeve should be included, and after one use the battery showed twenty percent depletion, which seems extreme, bus this is mostly for living room duty so I'll worry about battery life should I take it on the road.

    Of course, quality gear is determined by reliability and longevity and ease of use. i'll report back down the road, when resin starts to gum the works and maybe it's been dropped a few times. Then we'll know.

    But this is an auspicious beginning.


  • @skipster74 Thank you for your honest feedback we really appreciate it! If the unit gets too hot to use, we have the silicone sleeve cover specially made for the AirVape X: Also for the water bong attachment, we have included a rubber mouthshield which you could attach to the ceramic mouthpiece and connect it to the attachment to prevent any air flow and to secure it in place. If you have any more questions or concerns regarding this, feel free to ask. Also, please don't forget to subscribe to our monthly newsletter to receive the newest updates, promo, and freebies! Happy #AirVaping!

  • I love my Airvape X for a variety of reasons, but the blue color is still at the top of my list 🙂

    It does get hot, that's for sure. I use silicone rubber bands just above the display for better handling.

    As far accessories go, the glass adapter is by far the game-changer. It opens up all sorts of options. It makes for the most elegant dab-rig without all the torch-douschyness (IMHO)

    To that end I think a re-designed adapter that slid through the metal lid-top would make for a much more secure fit instead of relying on the rubber seal around the mouthpiece.

    Also, being able to flip the display would be grear

  • Thank you for sharing your honest feedback regarding the AirVape X!
    Due to the units compact design, the battery may run at least 20 minutes of continues use. The automatic shut off timer can be set from 3 minutes to 5 minutes and vice versa. Please go to the link below to find out how:!how-to-adjust-automatic-shut-off-time. Lastly, we are closely reviewing this issue as we use a high-quality type of ceramic. Again, We do thank you for your honest feedback! You may also contact our awesome support team through for concerns regarding this matter.

  • The cons for me is:

    1. Short battery life per a charge
    2. Auto off timer set to short for each session
    3. Ceramic chamber is thin and will eventually crack from the heat

  • @blackhawk Thank you for that wonderful feedback. We really appreciate it! Also, please don't forget to subscribe to our monthly newsletter to see the latest updates, freebies, and promo!

  • Hey Guys at first I would like to thank you for your outstanding customer service and for your high quality standards!

    What you could make better is the battery capacity but thats all about it !

    Keep up doing what u doing !

    Kindly Regards from Germany !

  • @compuman Thank you for sharing your honest feedback regarding the AirVape X!
    You may use the clean brush to remove any herb residue or use a cotton swab soaked in alcohol. For the heating mouthpiece, you could use the rubber mouth cover for the mouthpiece. You may also contact our awesome support team through for concerns regarding this matter.

  • @iluv2vape wow that's a nice tip, thank you for sharing! Really helpful!

  • The X still has some design flaws in my opinion - the ridge along the top perimeter accumulates flower much more than the XS and is difficult to keep clean and the mouthpiece gets much hotter than the XS for some reason. I also think the X is more difficult to clean in general. I like it but not as much as the XS.

  • Thank you for reaching out and we are sorry to hear this. Please contact our helpful customer support representative at So they could properly assist you regarding this matter. If you have any questions, feel free to let us know! 🙂

  • I have had the x a lil under a year and it's been great but lately it's stopped working and I'm sad

  • I have the X and the Xs. Love them both. They both do require maintenance. The Xs can get clogged very fast. I find that using a small paper clip is a great way to open up the holes on the metal piece, which can reduce iso soaking intervals. I also often use only one screen if any. I don't find them to add much to the experience.
    The XS is cool because of the magnetized mouthpiece. However that too can get "gunked up" pretty fast so using a brush after each session is helpful in keeping it clean.
    Both units provide excellent draw and there really is no need to exceed 375 degrees when heating. The lower the heat definitely extends charge life. Overall, great form factors and the best smell proof shells out there.

  • Love the design! Just needs to come with a charger or some sort of protections!

  • Recently purchased the new wooden does help considerably with high temperatures,, and improves taste.

  • @tobitobi2 I will check them out, thanks for the tip

  • @leonanderson That Airvape battery looks fine, but I wouldn't want the rigid connection. It would be awkward and vulnerable to breaking. There are many USB battery packs on Amazon for $10-20, with flex cables. I rarely need to charge while vaping, but it's very easy, and cheap.

  • Hello @leonanderson and thank you for your feedback,

    The AirVape X was designed to be one of the most portable, elegant and discreet dry herb vaporizers on the market with phenomenal performance and great tasting vapor. One of the drawbacks of having such a small device, that must be able to generate such high temperatures, is the fact that a very small battery is simply not able to keep the unit going for a very long time but we at Apollo's AirVapes do offer a solution to this problem.

    Take the super slim easily attachable power bank on-the-go, to have extra charge for your AirVape.

    This Power Bank with capacity of 1250 mAh is compatible with all of our AirVape models, Androids and iPhones.
    alt text

    alt text

    I hope this solves the problem and feel free to let us know if you have any more question!

  • @chris_927 ,

    With the AirVape X being one of the smallest protable dry herb vaporizers out there, when used at the maximum temperature of 428 F you will inevitably experience some heating up due to the high temp and the small body of the device but there are a couple things you can do to resolve any inconvenience that this might cause.

    • the first thing you can experiment with is setting the unit to a lower temperature, most herbs are highly enjoyable at a 350 F to 380 F range
    • if you decide to vape at high temps I would recommend for you to check out our newest wooden mouthpiece that doesn't heat up like other materials
      alt text
    • also there's a silicone sleeve for the AirVape X soon to be available for purchase at that will definitely resolve any heating related issues
      alt text

    Please do let us know if this information was helpful and don't hesitate to share with us any other issues you come across that we might be able to help you with.

  • Overall I'm very satisfied with my Airvape X but I wish the battery would last longer

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