Xs Go

  • Dears,
    Here is my review.
    I come to Xs go to challenge MFLB. One of the most important point is Discretion. On this point Xs go hit the target.
    After couple of weeks using Xs Go I'm a bit disappointed compared to the mentioned competitor.
    In my sense thermal management is not as efficient as MFLB
    Steam not as good as.
    But these are subjective.


    • the Xs go magnet is too loosie.
    • in case of too strong inspiration the vapo get clogged.
      Nevertheless I don't give up I’ll upgrade to Airevape X (as I'm tired of managing AA battery for the MFLB) and will offer my Xs Go to a "newbie" who want to get rid of tobacco!

    Sorry for my English.....

  • @algiz @marrush Thank you so much for your wonderful feedbacks! We really really appreciate it! We have also created a special accessory for the AirVape XS Go and it will be soon available to our store. To get the newest monthly promos, please don't forget to subscribe to our monthly newsletters to get updated of our newest promos, freebies, and accessories! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask or send us an email at cs@airvapeusa.com. Happy #AirVaping!

  • @algiz Jjst got my xs go the quality is good and it is easy to bit. The device is extremely easy to use, plus the fact that you can use it while charging is a big plu5.

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