Xs Go Feedback

  • This is my first airvape product and my first portable vaporizer experience. I’ve only used the Volcano before and well, that’s in a league all it’s own. But so far I am loving this little machine. I love how quickly it heats up and it’s a great concealable size. I don’t mind the small chamber, it’s actually larger than it looks and does the job. I’m not crazy about the mouth piece- it takes sometime to get used to and I think the magnet wears off after some use. I’ve had this Go for about 2 months now (9/18/19 purchase date) and the mouth peice has already discolored and cracked, but it’s still working, though not as effectively. It took me about a week to really understand how to best use this xsGo for myself, but after about an hour out of the box it began to feel familiar and easy to use. Also, the customer service agents have been great, patient and kind. And I appreciate the random emails with enticing discounts! Oh so naughty! 🙂


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