AirVape XS (Old gen model)

  • The AirVape XS is a great portable and innovative vape.

    As a portable vaporizer its an amazing device. Heats up quick, is easy to refill and provides a user friendly interface with plenty of choice in preferred temperature settings. The device is extremely efficient in vaping dry matter and requires no effort to fill and refill. The vibration feature is very handy and can heat to maximum temperature very fast.

    On the downside, the mouth piece of this old gen seems to be quite loose - this issue seems to have been remedied using the magnetic mouth pieces in the newer gen. Even though it has a decent battery size, heating from room temperature seems to take up a LOT of battery. Keeping it hot on the other hand (once already heated), seems just fine and it can easily run through 4 or so 3 minute sessions once heated. It also allows charge through so that the unit may be used while charging - which is great as it includes a microusb plug to be connected from a portable charger.

    Thanks AirVAPE!

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