XS Go _ love it !

  • So I am brand new to vaping - need to try something to dull pain through out the day and local vape shop put this in my hand.

    First thing I LOVE about this device is the “concealability” of the unit. My business is my business and when I need to step away it’s not overly obvious what the unit is or what I’m doing. Huge A+++++

    Second thing, it is as user friendly as it could be. Easy to use by older people and people who had muscle issues with their hands.

    The battery life is expected just because it’s portable. That’s life - but for a device under the $$$ price mark it’s cool.

    It does get hot at the highest heat setting, I am usually around a 4 but if I’m looking for more flavor than pain relieve I will do a 3 and it’s just fine.

    Getting it through the airport wasn’t hard, just remember NO FLOWERS in or on you and carry it as if it’s a part of your medical stuff.

    Needless to say - I’ll probably get another just in case I wear this one out or if I am not trying to share with the girlfriend.

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