Died Early but Good Support

  • I have good news/bad news feedback.

    First, the bad news. My son's airvape X died less than a year after purchase, and he is not a heavy user. We followed all the instructions for correcting issues, with no luck. Not thrilled about that.

    Now, better news. We had not registered the pen within the first 30 days to be eligible for warranty work and thought we would have to pony up for an expensive replacement to the X. However, I went ahead and submitted the registration anyway, just on the chance that AIrVape would take pity on me and accept it. And the good news is: They Did! They are standing behind their product and not hiding behind a legalese technical point.

    I am actually now hoping to take advantage of the Upgrade for 50% offer on the website, so stay tuned to see how that works. Since we are injector-oil only users I am hoping that one of the less expensive options such as the AirVape OM will work for us.

    Thanks to AirVape for stepping up to the plate.

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