Standard Airvape is a great unit

  • The standard airvape is a great unit. I use it daily and truly think it’s the best portable dry herb vape out there.

    A few things I’ve noticed:

    1: the small metal filter is pointless. Gets clogged too fast to be terribly useful and the mouthpiece is thin enough already hat I’m not getting anything in my mouth anyways. I stopped using it almost immediately.
    2: after a three minute session the ceramic mouth piece is burn your lips kind of hot. I wonder if a silicone slip cover wouldn’t be a nice accessory, or even a better solution than the ceramic altogether.
    3: packing and unpacking the oven box is unnecessarily messy. I can imagine a better solution.

    Otherwise very happy with my purchase. Would highly recommend to anyone that wants a dry herb vaporizer in a portable format.

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