Amazing product

  • I really like it after using it around 9 month. Of course depending on what quality you put in it but the vape feels amazing in all ascpets. Quality great, size and material great, price is for what you get also great.
    The only thing i can say is that sometimes the part that filters the product gets a bit clogged and it can be a bit hard to get smoke through but an easy clean with paper or whatever fixes it usually.

  • @antleriz Thank you for your honest feedback, we really appreciate it! To prevent a clogged mouthpiece, we recommend cleaning the mouthpiece every after use. Also to prevent the material to get inside the mouthpiece, we suggest using the extra mesh screen on top of the material inside the oven. This usually does the trick. If you have a questions or concerns, feel free to ask! Have a great day ahead!

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