Great device but it's time for an upgrade

  • I have my AirVape X for a little over one year now and I've been very happy with it. For the price there's really nothing better in the market. Even when comparing with other premium $$$$ vapes the AirVape X is though to beat.

    There's room for improvement on the battery. Though I understand the small and thin form-factor make it hard to fit a larger battery so I still prefer having a smaller battery rather than a bulky vape like the Mighty.

    There's also room for improvement on the manual and instructions. Not for everyday use, but I felt like instructions for a more comprehensive cleaning by removing the top screws should be provided to ensure that the vape can be thoroughly cleaned and perform as new.

    In my case I felt that the lack of a more frequent cleaning ended up damaging the my AirVape X and now I want to do an upgrade to get a new one because I really liked the brand.

    Also got a AirVape XS Go as a backup / second vape. Recommend it too.

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