XS GO and Synchronicity

  • I was inspired by God to begin the greatest search of my lifetime. That of a designed in USA made in China vaporizer. I perused several forums until I saw short video unreview. I can't even call it a review as the individual just mentioned the manufacturer name and model. I thought wow! I would like to be as elevated as him and forget to do a review. After visiting the unreviewer's website I saw the briefest of reviews praising the XS GO's lightness, stealthiness and simplicity. I placed an order the following day. I thought MLK day would inconvenience me. Not that he wasn't a great person, but snail maiI on a holiday is nailed mail, not going anywhere. My XS GO was received Saturday. Over delivered and under-promised. My only regret, not buying the shell.

  • @lollingstoned That's a good question! You can still use the AirVape XS Go even while charging. In the event, that the unit overheated while in use, you may let the unit cool-down before use. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at cs@airvapeusa.com.com. Have a great weekend ahead!

  • @livelifenvape thank you. Is it possible to charge xs go with the shell on or partially on? Situation is I'd prefer to have the device on my desk charging via desktop pc usb port and not draw attention to my general vicinity. Thanks.

  • @lollingstoned Wow! That's an awesome story and we really appreciate your time! You could still get the AirVape Xs Go shell at a 20% discount by using the promo code airaccessories. Thank you again for your time and Happy #AirVaping!

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